No unemployed person will find it easy to get a loan. A conversation can be sought at a house bank, but there must always be sufficient collateral to be checked. Overdraft facilities may be possible if the prospect has not been unemployed for long and has always reliably met his obligations. It is always decided by the lender according to the individual case and the borrower should not have any negative entries in the Credit Bureau.

Loan despite unemployment – guarantee

If an unemployed person has consumer preferences and wants an installment loan, then the chances are rather poor. At this point it is very advantageous if the prospective loan owner owns a property, a savings book or a car. If the person is unemployed for a longer period and may already be receiving Social Welfare, there is little chance of a loan despite unemployment. The lenders always decline at this point because there is no collateral or creditworthiness, which means that the risk is too high. However, should such a loan be offered, then it is often not a serious offer. If it is a reputable provider in this case, then the interest will be significantly higher.

However, lenders are still required to provide a surety, so that unemployment is secured in the event of payment difficulties. Banks from abroad issue a Swiss loan, but this is not an option in the event of unemployment. The foreign banks do not ask Credit Bureau, but a regular income must be available. Many unemployed say at this point that they can still receive support and thus pay a loan. However, this is not a salary, but a wage replacement benefit. As a rule, this is only paid for a limited time and is not attachable. However, an account must always be attachable should the installment payment fail.

Loan despite unemployment – personal loan

Many often need a short-term loan because they have become unemployed. At this point, a trustworthy person is often asked whether they could take out a loan. How a loan is ultimately granted is a personal matter. Smaller sums are often enough to close financial gaps in the short term. Anyone who has a little more money as a friend, acquaintance or member of the family may lend money without interest. This form of credit despite unemployment is a matter of trust. Interest is often not requested here and repayment can be arranged.

In the meantime, there are already platforms on the Internet where loans are offered by private individuals. Here private individuals appear who finance ideas and projects and often offer favorable terms. Those who have a good idea for starting a business can often have good chances here. A serious demeanor and a certain persuasiveness are important.

Loan despite unemployment – employment agency

The loan despite unemployment can be obtained from a job center and from the employment agencies. However, this must be an urgent purchase of a refrigerator, for example. There is no interest and the loan is paid back in installments.