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Attock gets stadium with synthetic cricket and hockey pitches – Newspaper

TAXILA: Attock City had a state-of-the-art synthetic hockey and cricket stadium at a cost of Rs 131.364 million on Monday.

The stadium includes a hockey pitch with synthetic turf, hockey pavilion, floodlights, perimeter wall and gate, drainage and water supply system.

Provincial Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Malik Taimoor Masood Akbar presided over the inauguration ceremony.

Addressing the occasion, Provincial Minister Malik Taimoor Masood said hockey is a national sport and efforts should be made for its promotion at city, district and village levels.

He said an awareness campaign would be launched for the youth of the province to enhance the interest of the younger generation in sports activities.

Former Minister of Social Affairs and Baitul Mal Syed Yawar Abbas Bukhari, speaking on the occasion, said the stadium was his idea and he had allocated special funds from the Chief Minister for the provision of better sports facilities to young people in the region.

He said five sports mega-facilities would be set up in Attock in the current financial year for the promotion of sports and the provision of better recreational facilities to young people in the district. He said that under the Annual Development Program (ADP) for the financial year 2020-21, four multi-million sports mega projects would be completed in the district including a cricket stadium, development of a football in Pindigheb which will cost around 32.4 rupees. million, a cricket pitch with floodlights at Shaheed Shuja Khanzada Degree College, Hazro which will cost Rs 74.7 million and a cricket pitch at Kot Chhaji village at an estimated cost of Rs 74.75 million.

Speaking on the occasion, the district chapter of PTI Attock president, Qazi Ahmed Akbar, demanded to settle the issue of daily wages for employees of the sports department. He also called for the provision of necessary funds for the upkeep of Shaheed Shuja Khanzada Degree College, Hazro in addition to the restoration of hockey and cricket academies in the district which are threatened with extinction due to lack of patronage of the government. On this occasion, a friendly hockey match was played between the club’s civil eleven and the DC eleven on the occasion of the inauguration of the stadium.

Posted in Dawn, September 27, 2022