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Dallas Stars acquire Nils Lundkvist – DobberHockey

The Dallas Stars acquired potential defenseman Nils Lundkvist from the New York Rangers in exchange for a 2023 first-round pick and a fourth-round pick. The two choices would be conditional, for Shayna Goldman, with the first round rolling to the next year if that pick is in the Top 10.

Rangers get: a (likely) better pick than the one that was used to draft Lundkvist in the first place (28e in total in 2018), plus an additional mid-round pick. Pretty good asset management, seen from this angle.

The stars get: a right-handed prospect defenseman who, just a year ago, was widely considered one of the two or three most promising defensemen outside the NHL. While Lundkvist struggled to acclimate to North America, keep in mind that he was a stranger in a foreign land. With a year of experience under his belt to acclimate to the language, culture and bigger rinks, the 22-year-old is better equipped to handle the 2022-23 season.

Fantasy players impacted: Lundkvist earns a lot here. In fact, I’m trying to think of a better landing spot for him than Dallas – and I’m empty. He was a top right-handed defender stuck on the only team in the league loaded with top-notch right-handed defenders! What are the odds the only team he’s on boasts former Norris Trophy winner (forehand) Adam Fox, team captain (forehand) Jacob Trouba and another top prospect ( forehand) already acclimated to North America to Braden Schneider?

Now he goes to a team that brags on the right side, uh… Colin Miller. Alright, great – Jani Hakanpaa.

Lundkvist was sitting out of training camp because he wanted to be traded to a team that would put him in the NHL this season and give him a quality opportunity. Mission accomplished. If only he had an elite 23-year-old left-handed defender to ride a shotgun. Oh wait a minute, wait a minute – he does! A guy named Miro Heiskanen. Does this name mean anything to you ?

I’m not saying these two will form instant chemistry as a couple on Day 1. Or even Month 1. Hell, it wouldn’t shock me if the two needed next season to kick off. But these two high-end talents should “theoretically” click.

So far, Heiskanen has mostly been paired with (left shot) Esa Lindell and (left shot) Ryan Suter. This move should (‘theoretically’) help him as well. We can’t wait to see this theory in practice.

On the Rangers side, the pressure has eased to play Lundkvist against Zac Jones now. So Jones is free to get this team out of camp instead of politics keeping him in the minors. Ditto for Schneider, who should see more ice time as a result.

Oh, and yes – the Fantasy Guide has already been updated with this trade, and the projected points impacted have been adjusted. If you haven’t done so yet, you can do so here.

Fantasy Players this helps, in order

  1. Lundkvist
  2. Split
  3. Still quite a big difference
  4. Jones
  5. Heiskanen
  6. Schneider

Fantasy Players It Hurts, In Order

  1. suter
  2. Miller
  3. will butcher
  4. Thomas Harley (short term)